The Accidental Adventures of Mariska Arisia

By Thomas J Bradley

An adventurous romp in a distant galaxy with creatures, asteroids, and space pirates.

The story

After crashing her ragtag starship, Mariska’s plan to deliver her cargo on time is waylaid on a mysterious outer rim planet and its myriad of creatures.

Now she must cross treacherous planets, navigate perilous asteroid fields, and evade space pirates, all with the help of an unlikely friend. Join her on the epic adventure she never knew she wanted.


Thomas J Bradley’s book is engaging and entertaining because it combines three key ingredients that are essential to great fiction: strong writing, vivid imagination and passion for the subject matter. It’s clear from reading Thomas’ book that he shares the same enthusiasm for space adventures as does his heroine, the quirky and complex Mariska Arisia. I loved exploring the world - or should I say the universe - Thomas has created, full of eccentric creatures and beautiful descriptions of a galaxy beyond our own. I highly recommend this book to all young, and young-at-heart, readers; if Mariska’s adventures are an accident, they’re definitely a happy one!

About Thomas J Bradley

Thomas loves the infinite possibilities and the endless wonder of space. He is especially fond of distant galaxies with unusual aliens piloting gigantic battling spaceships—with lasers. He distinctly remembers one childhood afternoon when his parents took him to the video store and his Dad pointed to an older movie sitting on a tucked away shelf: Return of the Jedi. Thomas’s life was transformed as his newly science-fiction–infused imagination blossomed. Thomas believes that the wonder of The Universe can bring excitement and hope to anybody.

Thomas currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, where he spends his days teaching web design and development at Algonquin College and his nights with his wonderful wife, Liz, and their three excitable pups: Paddington, Corduroy, and Wellington.

Why Thomas wrote this story

I really wanted to spark imagination in a younger audience. I feel that as sci-fi has grown in popularity and acceptance, it’s trended towards stories of destruction and apocalypse—I really wanted to bring back optimism and wonder. I really appreciate sci-fi that critiques modern society and warns of future dangers, but I was yearning for a good old space adventure. I wanted evoke the feeling that Star Wars gave me as a kid, to imagine the amazing creatures of Jim Henson, and inspire excitement of the endless possibilities of the universe.